Neem as Anti Septic

NeemThe neem plant is actually a fast-growing tree that reaches heights as tall as 65 feet. It is an evergreen tree, meaning it never loses its green foliage, regardless of weather change. It is found commonly in tropical and subtropical climates like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It is one of the most recognized medicinal plants in the world, and is used for a variety of ailments.


Use of Neem as Antiseptic

  • Heals abrasions
  • Heals cuts
  • Heals chapped and dried skin
  • Prevents pimples
  • Keeps the skin smooth and soft
  • Burns
  • Septic sores

Neem cream can be applied topically.

The leaves, twigs, berries and blossoms of the neem tree can be used in making antiseptic toothpastes, mouthwashes and poultices. It has microbacterial-fighting agents that prevent tooth and gum disease.

Uses of Neem Plant as Antiseptic

Neem Capsules

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The seeds of the neem tree are squeezed to produce neem extract. Neem capsules is a powerful, organic insecticide that can drive away harmful insects such as mites, roaches, fleas and ticks. Because it comes from a tree itself, the oil does not harm other plants, giving it an advantage over chemical pesticides that can damage plants. Neem oil can also be found in soaps, shampoos and lotions as a moisturizer. However, it should never be ingested.

The evergreen neem tree provides healthy leaves year-round, so they are the most commonly used parts of the plant. Mushing the leaves into a paste or soaking in a bathtub full of leaves can battle skin disorders such as chicken pox and warts, as well as rashes from poison ivy or fungus like athlete’s foot. Ingesting the leaves in a steeped tea — which features a strong, bitter taste — dried herbs or capsules containing neem capsules helps to settle the gastrointestinal system, cleanse the blood and reduce fevers.

The bark of the tree is the least commonly used piece, since it regenerates slowly; removing too much of it from the neem plant can kill the whole tree. However, the bark features a strong concentration of all of the vitamins and ingredients available in the seeds and leaves, giving it a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic power. The bark, as well as the roots, can also be ground into a powder and spread around the house or on the skin to repel fleas and ticks. The bark, as well as the twigs, also helps with dental care, battling gingivitis and preventing cavities. You will find neem in many organic toothpastes and mouthwashes.