Neem for Psoriasis

PsoriasisPsoriasis symptoms include redness, dryness, itching, and the tell tale thick, dry, silvery scales that appear as discrete patches on the skin. The patches can be anywhere on the body and are most common on the trunk, the knees and elbows, skin folds, as well as the scalp and fingernails. The patches (and other symptoms) are a result of the skin in that area growing much too fast. The skin cells are renewed so often that the old cells have to shed in thick scales. Psoriasis symptoms can appear at any age, they can appear suddenly or gradually, and they are characterized by frequent remissions and recurrences (they forever come and go and come again).

The root cause of psoriasis is genetic, but carrying the genes does not necessarily mean symptoms. It also takes an environmental trigger. Several factors can trigger or worsen psoriasis symptoms: skin infections (like boils), systemic infections (like respiratory infections, flu), stress (that’s a big one), alcohol consumption (interestingly this triggers psoriasis only in males), medication. Any skin irritations or injuries, like infections, cuts, burns, rashes, insect bites etc, make symptoms worse. Anything that weakens the immune system makes symptoms worse, and in people with autoimmune disorders (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) or immunosuppressed people (e.g. transplant recipients, cancer sufferers undergoing chemo, HIV) psoriasis can be very severe. Symptoms improve with lots of sunlight, air and Vitamin D. Psoriasis symptoms often clear over summer, only to return again next winter.

Treatment of Psoriasis

Neem Capsules

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Certain active components in Neem Capsules may directly benefit specific symptoms of psoriasis, which supports the theory that using neem for psoriasis is highly effective. Azadirachtin is anti-inflammatory, which soothes the affected skin and reduces the pain, itchiness and redness. Campesterol and stigmasterol are two steroids out of several found in neem that also aid in relieving symptoms as well as healing the skin. Neem also has several anti-bacterial properties that fight off skin infections associated with psoriasis. It also helps to lock in moisture and soften the rough affected patches of skin.

Neem is a brilliant emollient, a substance that softens and moistens dry cracked skin. This straight away eliminates a lot of the irritation and itchiness. It moisturizes and protects, and heals any lesions or scaling.

Neem also soothes the redness and irritation directly, through the steroid like effect of some of its ingredients. Yes, neem can affect your skin similar to the way steroids do, but without all the nasty side effects.

Neem generally enhances skin health and the natural immunity of your skin, which is one of the biggest factors in psoriasis.

Neem is strongly antibacterial, and the benefit of this for psoriasis is obvious. Neem cleans up any skin infections that may have developed because of cracked broken skin (due to dryness or scratching). When used regularly (by using a neem soap, neem shampoo, or neem lotion) neem also prevents any future skin infections that may aggravate or bring back psoriasis symptoms. As a bonus neem also prevents insect bites.

Neem leaf supports and stimulates the immune system. Neem leaves are available as Neem capsules. Anything that helps your immune system helps with psoriasis.