Neem for Skin Disorders

Neem has traditionally been used to maintain a healthy skin, flawless complexion and also to keep skin related diseases and problems at bay. The blood purifying properties found in active neem compounds help to maintain youthful and healthy skin. In the modern times, neem has been well researched and tested for its use in curing large number of skin diseases. Neem and its parts are being used as active ingredients in number of skin lotion, ointments, skin and facial powders treating skin problems. Neem natural products are being manufactured and used in western hemisphere as they are have high efficacy and no side effects. With the growing demand for natural products, manufacturers are cultivating the wonder tree on a large scale to meet the growing demand by ayurvedic medicine manufacturers, pharmaceutical and herbal cosmetic companies.

Properties of Neem Helpful in Curing Skin Diseases

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Fungal
  • Anti Allergic
  • Anti Viral
  • Blood Purifying

Treatment of Skin Disorders

Neem Capsules

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Neem is extensively used for managing several illnesses. The therapeutic attributes of neem are well documented in Ayurvedic texts. The medicinal properties of the plant have been captured in the neem capsules by Planet Ayurveda for the treatment of skin disorders. Nearly every part of Azadirachta indica is used for manging illnesses. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiulcer, anticarcinogenic, immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties of the leaves, fruits, seeds, bark, flowers and roots of the neem plant help to prevent and overcome skin problems. Scientists have isolated over 140 plant compounds from different parts of the plant.

Prevents Fungal Infections of the Skin

Azadirachta indica could inhibit growth of fungi on the skin. The neem capsules are especially effective in arresting the activities of dermatophytes or fungi linked to infections of the skin and nails.

Prevents Bacterial Infections

As a natural antibiotic, Azadirachta indica could prevent a wide range of bacterial infections. It could be used for healing pseudomonas skin rash that usually develops by sharing bathtubs contaminated with the bacteria. It is also effective in eliminating skin infection from Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria, Micrococcus flavus and other bacterial strains.

Reduces Acne

The astringent and antibacterial effects of Azadirachta indica could suppress acne flare-ups and improve the quality of the skin. Experimental studies suggest that by suppressing the activities of the P. acnes bacteria, which live on the skin, Azadirachta indica or neem prevents acne. Acne breakouts occur owing to activation of inflammatory mediators such as pro-inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species by the P. acnes bacteria.

Kills Head and Body Lice

Neem seed extract could kill larva, eggs and adult body and head lice.

Protects the Skin from Ultraviolet Radiation

Prolonged exposure to sunlight not only makes the skin darker but it also increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Exposure to the ultraviolet B rays of the sun damages DNA. The damaged DNA triggers abnormal melanin synthesis or melanogenesis, which damages the natural complexion of the skin.Azadirachta indica reduces skin tanning by lowering the melanin content in the skin.

Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

Abnormal melanogenesis is a symptom of skin cancer. The potent antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic effects of Azadirachta indica leaves inhibit growth of melanoma, a type of skin cancer that originates in the melanin producing cells or melanocytes. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activities of the active components in the medicinal plants prevent growth of skin tumors.